How tarot Works

If you’ve ever been to a psychic, or have sought a free tarot reading online, chances are you’ve encountered the Fool. A staple within the Major Arcana, the Fool is often unnumbered, holding his own at 0 or 22. Whether he’s at the front of the line or the end really makes no difference, the Fool’s story is always the same, representing a journey of unlimited potential.

From one deck to the next, whether part of the Rider-Waite tradition, or something more unique, the Fool is often depicted as a light-hearted young man embarking upon a journey with little in the way of possessions – the quintessential image of youth and boundless aspiration.

Generally speaking, when the Fool appears it indicates exciting prospects are on the horizon, which encourages the inquirant go out and meet the day without fear or hesitation. Self-confidence, and faith that the universe will provide, are the only traveling companions advised for the most excellent adventure which awaits! A free tarot reading can help you gain insight into just what sort of adventure lies ahead.

When it comes to the Fool, spontaneous is the name of the game. Being fearless, the Fool loves to shrug off the burden of apprehension and worry in order to enjoy the scenery along the path. Even if the Fool doesn’t know what to expect it’s sure to be out of the ordinary, and more than enough to make the adventure worthwhile. Want to know about the extraordinary adventure which awaits you? Try a free tarot reading.

Roadblocks and hurdles are natural to everyone’s journey. The Fool is unique in how he deals with these challenges, as he skirts by them easily with a light heart and a jovial attitude, letting nothing dampen his spirits. Overcome your own roadblocks, or see what unique insights the Fool may have for you, with a free tarot reading.



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