The High Priestess

Many times when seeking a free tarot reading online, a card as significant as the High Priestess will be summarized in a few words such as, “intuition” and “hidden agendas”, without delving much further than that. The true context of the story, as it relates to your own personal adventure, depends on the placement of the High Priestess amongst other cards drawn. The High Priestess may deal in areas of instinct and introspection, but that is hardly a bad thing. Exploration of the shadowy corners of the mind often leads to enlightenment.

The Major Arcana tells the tell of the Fool’s Journey, or the Heroes Journey as most like to tell it. Essentially it’s the tale of every person’s life from clueless youth to educated adult. Early along the path the Fool receives the harsh lesson from the Magician that not everyone speaks the truth. Soon after, this very same Fool meets the High Priestess who teaches him to trust his instincts. What important lessons await you in your own journey? A free tarot reading can tell you more!

When drawn to the High Priestess the underlying message is to listen to your gut instincts and tune into your intuition. Developing trust in this inner voice can be difficult, especially after being burned by clever wordsmiths and people who seem trust-worthy. Honing trust begins at home, in the heart, by practicing meditation and introspection.

A free tarot reading can also be used as a meditation guide, especially in the case of the High Priestess. Consider those areas of life which have been neglected, and which areas have been over-indulged to the point of dissatisfaction. In addition to tuning into your body and listening to your inner voice, practice trusting your instincts and measuring how often your intuition is correct. You may be surprised what an efficient compass your body can be when you allow love and trust to be your guide.



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